Soul Food St Pauls // The Green Way


Food brings people together, especially in times of adversity. Cooking is a universal way of keeping us grounded and connected, whether these are new recipes or those that have been in our families for generations.

The Architecture Centre is working in partnership with Bristol-based social enterprise, 91 Ways to Build a Global City, to invite the people of St Pauls to share and exchange their soul food recipes – those that nourish and bring happiness into their homes as they navigate their way through lockdown.



Since gathering in person isn’t an option, we’re running a digital campaign to collect the recipes.

How to Share: We’ve set up a Facebook Group to house all the community recipes. You can find out how to share your recipe, or go and take a look at others’ contributions hereNot got Facebook? Send your recipe to



Next, we’ll put the recipes in a place where everyone can see them. The recipes will go on to inspire permanent artworks around St Pauls, at three community sites across ‘The Green Way’*.

Residents and visitors will be able to walk past recipes that their communities have gathered, take pictures of the art-worked recipes, and bring them to life in their own homes through cooking.

Sophie & Rob from Graft are the visual artists for The Green Way. Their local knowledge, enthusiasm and experience of genuine community engagement will help us to develop meaningful interaction with place, around world cultures and healthy living.


What is The Green Way?

*The Green Way is a physical walking/cycling route through St Pauls that will be re-awakened and celebrated through this partnership project. In the coming year (lockdown depending) we are working to make capital developments and public realm improvements across this route from St Agnes Park to Halston Drive, bringing nature and art into to these spaces and creating a place for communities to gather when the outbreak is over.




“Communities need to unite more than ever during these troubling times. Food is a common language we all share, regardless of background, and helps to bring us together. Whilst we can’t physically meet at the moment, a recipe swap is a fantastic way to share cultures and develop relationships which we hope to reinforce at our community feast in St Pauls later in the year. ”

– Kalpna Woolf // Founder of 91 Ways to Build A Global City


“Now feels like a poignant time to bring together cultures, inspiration and resources to celebrate the role of food in the community and the efforts by all in ensuring our neighbours and loved ones have what they need. At SPLC we are really looking forward to marking this moment in time on our building, as a reminder that food is the common bond that can bring us together.

– Gem Burgoyne // Centre Manager of St Paul’s Learning Centre, Project Partner


“As residents of St Pauls ourselves, we are absolutely thrilled to be working with our local community on this inspiring creative project. We are looking forward to hearing from local people about the recipes and ingredients which make up their ‘soul foods’, and the stories behind them, to incorporate them into our design ideas for permanent artworks which reflect and celebrate the diversity and culinary heritage of area.

– Sophie & Rob Wheeler // Local Artists, Workshop


“It’s difficult times like these that remind us that friends, family, community and the food and hopeful stories that feed us are really important in nourishing and supporting us. As I write this message, I have just celebrated Passover with my extended family. We joined together from homes across the country and the world and shared our ‘soul food’, drank wine and said prayers that next year we will all be together. I’ll be sharing my recipe for Passover matzo pancakes as part of this brilliant digital recipe gathering project and look forward to find out more about more soul foods of St Pauls.

– Cllr Jude English // Green Councillor for Ashley Ward, Bristol City Council


“Fostering relationships with our local communities, food resilience and engaging with our green spaces has never been more important. This project has given us all the opportunity to really consider our sense of place and to work together within a rich and dynamic community to aid greater community cohesion.

– Ms Shankari Raj // Project Architect, Nudge Group