Bite-sized breakfast talks: Healthy Cities

UWE academic staff present innovative research as part of Healthy City Week 2016.

How can we create places and buildings that promote the health and well-being of all citizens? What is the role of architecture and urban design?

Hear the illuminating bite-sized breakfast presentations by leading thinkers and practitioners, followed by the panel and audience discussion.

Speakers include:

Elena Marco, Head of Department of Architecture & the Built Environment at UWE. Elena will introduce her research and practice experience on what is a healthy place and why they are important. She will link this experience with the need to educate the next generation of built environment professionals on how health is a real driver for sustainable design.

Sarah Burgess, is a Senior Lecturer/Researcher in Health & Planning at UWE. Sarah will introduce her current research into how small-scale, incremental developments can contribute to achieving healthy urban environments.

Dr Tom Calvert is a research associate at UWE with interests in experiential aspects of city life, including experiences of transport and greenspace. He will present from his thesis findings, asking whether urban walking should be revalued, and protected, as a time to think.

This event is part of the Healthy City Week (15-22 October 2016).