Generation Place

Generation Place is a national network and an online resource to develop and inspire the next generation of creative placemakers.

Generation Place is a network of cultural education organisations across the UK that specialise in education around the built environment for young people aged 5 to 24 in informal and formal education. Generation Place was initiated by MADE, 22Sheds and the Architecture Centre.

The organisations behind Generation Place have been at the forefront of built environment education for the last 25 years. Developing their practice throughout the UK, the organisations have arrived at a common set of principles fundamental to effectively engaging young people with the built environment:

  1. Place based: children learn best when applying their learning within the local and familiar area.
  2. Process focused: teaching through live experience, valuing collaboration and encouraging a healthy cycle of learning, (ie. process of learning, failure, problem solving, learning).
  3. Creative approach: using imaginative and inventive methods to encourage creative thinking.
  4. Diverse and inclusive: engaging young people from diverse and under-represented groups of people. Understanding that a successful place works for all the kinds of people that live there.
  5. Connects to the sector: offering young people direct and practical interactions with the placemaking process and its profession.

Generation Place forms part of the Education and Place Working Group of the national Place Alliance.

Generation Place has been developed by MADE, The Architecture Centre and 22 Sheds.

Generation Place is supported by the Ove Arup Foundation.