STEM Making Buildings

This series of engaging resources has been developed for pupils aged 9 -14 to support the teaching of Science, Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) using the themes of architecture, the built environment, sustainability and food.

Using food as an accessible context for exploring the concepts of architecture and design, Making Buildings includes everything needed to deliver a fun and engaging series of four lessons including: lesson plans, introductory presentations, resources cards, student activities and stimulating photographs.

Making Buildings explores climate change and sustainability in relation to buildings and the lesson plans and their various components can be adapted and used as individual activities or modified for use at a STEM after-school club or a Science Fair.

Making Buildings is divided into four lessons – science, design and technology, science and technology and maths. The lessons can be taught sequentially or standalone; taught in and/or out of the classroom; use easily found and inexpensive materials; address key themes and issues; use the home as a familiar example to learners; aim to increase skills and confidence.

Making Buildings: List of Resources

Lesson One:

  • 1a. Lesson plan
  • 1b. Climate change emissions and reductions activity
  • 1c. Introduction to climate change, buildings and insulation presentation
  • 1d. Recipe for building a house presentation
  • 1e. Building materials and foodstuffs images
  • 1f. Building materials and foodstuffs question cards

Lesson Two:

  • 2a. Lesson plan
  • 2b. Architectural drawings and sandwiches presentation
  • 2c. Cross section cards
  • 1b. Climate Change presentation from Lesson 1

Lesson Three:

  • 3a. Lesson plan
  • 3b. Images of plaster, biscuits, icing and edible wall section
  • 1d. Recipe for building a house presentation

Lesson Four:

  • 4a. Lesson plan
  • 4b. Information and questions for a visiting professional
  • 4c. Scale Drawing Activity
  • 4d. Making Buildings Quiz

Download the resource pack.

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