Design support: Useful links

Looking for place-making support and guidance?

Designing our environment can be a daunting task. To help support the delivery of excellent design The Architecture Centre suggests the following organisations and websites:

Place Alliance – a movement championing place quality in the UK; website includes Open Source Places Resources

Design Council Cabe – provides independent and expert design consultation, Design Review and training

Building for Life – industry standard for the design of new housing developments

Placecheck – a practical method for communities wishing to improve an area

Shape my town – A guide to inspire people who want to play a part in shaping their places

Bristol Urban Design Forum –  independent body, managed by the Architecture Centre, which gives expert advice on major developments in Bristol

Urban Design Compendium – guidance on good urban design including case studies

The Architecture Centre can provide Design Review, training and other design support services. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.