Bristol Urban Design Forum

The Bristol Urban Design Forum (BUDF) is a group of design and environment professionals who offer free, independent consultation on significant development proposals in the city.

Bristol Urban Design Forum (BUDF) is an independent body that supports high quality design in the city.

Established by Bristol City Council in 2007 and managed by the Architecture Centre, it follows the model of design review panels promoted by Design Council CABE.

Through the BUDF’s Design Review Panel, the focus is on providing input to developers and clients at an early stage of a project’s development that will enhance the quality of the design and ensure the development of a sustainable, high quality public realm. We offer guidance to teams and individuals involved in commissioning, designing, planning, managing and using buildings and the spaces between them, in the form of a written report following the consultation meeting.

“The visual appearance of new development and the quality of the proposed architecture is of course very important, but crucial aspects such as healthy living environments, sustainable transport, quality attractive landscapes and great place-making are at the heart of BUDF considerations. All these factors and more will help determine whether Bristol will fulfil its ambition to be a great European city.”
Charles Wilson, BUDF Chair

The Forum comprises some 35 panel members who are acknowledged experts in fields such as urban design, architecture and landscape design.

Visit the BUDF website to see schemes reviewed and panelist profiles:

Established by Bristol City Council in 2007 and managed by the Architecture Centre.