Opening Doors to Heritage

Expanding Bristol Doors Open Day to increase audience reach and participation.

Launched in January 2016, Opening Doors to Heritage is a 3-year project designed to raise the profile of heritage and inspire more people to get actively involved in their built environment.

With support from Historic England and the Heritage Lottery Fund, the project uses the popular annual Bristol Doors Open Days as a springboard to inspire new audiences, including schools and communities.  Opening Doors to Heritage also supports the creation of a wide range of volunteer opportunities alongside new activities and resources for people to enjoy and learn about their local heritage and built environment all year round.

The project comprises a varied programme of activities and resources including:

  • A year-round programme of walks, family events and behind the scenes tours
  • An annual Bristol Doors Open Day schools event
  • New digital activity, extending the Architecture Centre’s Bristol Opening Doors resource and linking with Know Your Place
  • An expanded volunteer programme, including training opportunities for hundreds of venue volunteers, plus new opportunities across Bristol
  • Extending Doors Open Days to new neighbourhoods outside the city centre
  • Working with communities to co-design activity and develop a community ‘Doors Open DIY’ handbook
  • Fundraising, development and organisational support in order to secure the stable, long-term future of the event.

Opening Doors to Heritage is supported by Historic England and the Heritage Lottery Fund, with additional support from Bristol Buildings Preservation Trust, the Drake Trust, the Society of Merchant Venturers and the Lalonde Trust.