The Past, Present and Future of Council Housing

2019 sees the centenary of the ‘Addison Act’, and with it 100 years of council housing estates in Britain. To mark this visionary piece of legislation, The Architecture Centre looks back at the act, how it came about, and what it meant for the nation.

TAC then teamed up with residents from some of the first built council housing estates in the UK to ask: what is life like on the estates 100 years on from the birth of council housing? Has the perception of council housing changed?

Finally we look to the future. The housing crisis is now estimated to affect 8.4 million in England. With a shortage in liveable, affordable social housing and the emergence of ‘modern day slums’ caused by permitted development rights, The Architecture Centre looks to leading examples of social housing in the UK and further afield to ask – could we see a renaissance of social housing in the near future?

These films are part of the city-wide Homes for Heroes 100 project co-ordinated by Bristol Cultural Development Partnership and partners across the UK.



Film Producers: The Architecture Centre & Tusko Films