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16 Narrow Quay

Thu 25 Apr 2019
18:30 - 20:00


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The shape of our cities is changing.
How do we address the challenges of existing 19th & 20th century infrastructure and the contested spaces that have emerged in the absence of intervention?
Find out how the 19th century railway infrastructure of Kings Cross has been transformed and what effect that has had on the surrounding neighbourhoods.
Discover the emerging plans for the Bearpit as we grapple with the legacy of 20th century highways.
How can these projects improve the cityscape for citizens in an inclusive way?
Join Christine Murray and Miriam Delogu to examine two city centre spaces which exemplify these challenges and opportunities.
About our speakers:
Christine Murray is Editor-in-chief of The Developer a new media platform that informs and connects professionals working in the development and design of urban spaces. The Developer takes a new approach to understanding what makes a place worth living in, analysing how people interact with the cities they live, work and play in.
Miriam Delogu is the Project Lead on The Circle, a project to transform the Bearpit into a space that is a “sustainable, inclusive, resilient and, most importantly, safe destination”. The project takes a collaborative approach and aims to incorporate current thinking on the psychological effects of spaces on people.