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16 Narrow Quay

Wed 11 Oct 2017
18:30 - 20:00

£7 / £5

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The important role that the environment plays in health and well-being is widely accepted, as is the impact that the built and natural environment can have on levels of physical activity.

As levels of physical activity are a key determinant of health, promoting physical activity through actions to improve the environment is a priority for public health action.

The challenge for public health, designers and for the SHINE Health Integration Team is to ensure that the way the environment is shaped and transformed by a range of professionals, organisations and agencies, maximises health gain in relation to health, including physical activity.

Hear a range of speakers from different disciplines converge and discuss the challenges, benefits and importance of creating landscapes that encourage people to engage in healthy lifestyles, with physical and mental health benefits.

Chaired by Dr Laurence Carmichael, Head of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Urban Environments, UWE

Speakers include:

This event would be of particular interest to those interested in placemaking, landscape architecture, urban design, architecture, health and the built environment, academia, community organisations.

This event is part of Healthy City Week 2017 (7 – 14 October) – an annual programme of activities exploring wellbeing that doesn’t cost the earth. Healthy City Week is formed by its contributors, delivered by Bristol Green Capital Partnership and supported by Bristol Health Partners. View all events at bristolgreencapital.org/healthycityweek

In partnership with SHINE and Landscape Institute.