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The Architecture Centre
Narrow Quay

14 Oct - 22 Oct 2017

Free Entry

For one week only, explore the creative connections that took place when researchers and artist Scott Farlow invited residents on two streets in Easton and Southville to document the important things about where they live.

Between March and July 2017 a small research team set out to explore the relevance and nature of neighbourly connections in two residential streets in Bristol – High Street in Easton and Allington Road in Southville.  The project called Meeting Points undertook a range of activities that engaged residents in thoughtful discussions about local life. As well as sharing their stories and experiences, residents were invited to contribute photographs that depicted important aspects of their daily lives.

The photographs were brought together on a mobile gallery and were shared back at two street gatherings held in July where neighbours met for cups of tea, cake and conversations.

You will see many of the images and reflections from these meeting points shared in this exhibition. We hope that it offers a new meeting point and encourages visitors to pause for a moment; perhaps to reflect upon the value of people – family, friends, neighbours and strangers – in their lives and to consider the beauty and importance of the seemingly small and everyday things in the world around us. Visitors are invited to respond through drawing, writing to share experiences of their own streets in this exhibition.

Related Event: Join artist Scott Farlow at a celebratory creative event, Heart Your Street on Saturday 22 October, to share stories about where you live and display in the gallery (part of Bristol Family Arts Festival).

Read an article on page 20 of the Up Our Street magazine to find out more about the meeting points project here.

Visit the Brigstowe Institute’s Showcase. After the meeting points exhibition at the Architecture Centre, the project will be on display at the Brigstowe Institute’s 2017 Seedcorn Showcase at the Station on Tuesday 24 October. This event is free and open to all.


The purpose of the research as part of meeting points:

There is a common assumption that neighbourliness and street level interaction and connection have diminished, as contemporary society has become more mobile and individualised, and as residential streets grow increasingly diverse.  An assumption follows that this situation negatively impacts of people’ lives.

This research had two main aims:

  1. It will provide information and increase our understanding of the nature of neighbourly connections in two streets in Easton and Southville, as well as how they impact on people’s sense of living well.
  2. We hope that through involvement with the research that the project will stimulate wider neighbourly connections, and contribute to living well on each street.

Project Background:

Meeting Points is supported by the Brigstow Institute and University of Bristol. It is one of fifteen experimental partnership projects funded by the Brigstow Institute’s Seedcorn Fund 2017.

The project partners include the University of Bristol, Streets Alive, Scott Farlow Artist, Southville Community Development Association, Up Our Street and Black South West Network.

The research team includes Patricia Kennett and Antonia Layard, University of Bristol, Gaby Solly (Streets Alive), Scott Farlow Artist and Zakiya McKenzie (community researcher with Up our Street).