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The Architecture Centre
Narrow Quay

20 Jul - 16 Sep 2018

Free entry

If four kitchen tables, pushed together, make space for a public meeting, what could the arrival of 1000 new homes collectively represent for Bedminister?

muf architecture/art bring an outsiders eye to describe different perspectives of the same place, Bedminster is  a neighbourhood identified for  “growth”. Inviting gallery visitors of the Architecture Centre to explore what new possibilities  emerge when each informs the other.

Bedminister – described by a local resident as “a place where people feel at home, with many challenges such as congested roads, pollution, and stretched amenities but at the same time offers so much,  a fantastic park, a great high street, a sense of belonging”, is Identified in the Urban Living SPD as a focus for urban living (a place with the potential to significantly increase building densities), and is also the site of six development plots proposing residential development above the upper level of 200 units per hectare specified, for an urban area, in the SPD.

The gallery arranged as the interior of a new build one bedroom flat, explores different scales of ambition for the City. Four kitchen tables pushed together make space for a public meeting about the future development of Bedminister Green.

The exhibition opens with a snapshot of Bedminster as it is now, with key community organisations and social enterprise represented in the gallery and an open invitation to you, the wider community, to contribute to this map of community assets, by adding what you know and understand about living in Bedminster and an ambition for the future.

“I acknowledge that higher density development - particularly tall buildings - is an emotive subject both for and against; advocates suggest tall buildings represent ambition and meet growth requirements, while those against often cite the need to protect the unique character of the city, and voice concerns that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past. Both positions are valid.” Marvin Rees, Major of Bristol. Urban Living SPD making successful places at higher density, City Design Group Growth and Regeneration, Consultation Draft Feb 2018.